Altra Altra Altra Escalante 2.5 Men's

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In the first half of 2020, in the No. 1 running magazine Runner's World, Escalante2, which was highly evaluated by reporters, is an update for the first time in a long time.

The first feature is comfort.
Elegant and comfortable midsole (cushioning part), open front foot and upper, which is hard to blur, moderate softness of the upper, smooth shoe string, the holding of the middle foot, the heel cup. The depth and the stability of the kakato, the comfort that is not disliked in any case, is a major feature that is not an exaggeration to say that it is thought to be close to the completed form.

Escalante2 was almost almost the finished form, but from those who have worn the first ESCALANTE, Escalante1.5, etc., the fabric on the surface called the upper was slightly harder.
Regarding updates to ESCALANTE2.5, it seems that the upper is moderately softer and led to a smooth center of gravity movement to produce flexible shoes, etc., while keeping the elasticity and response of the midsole as it is.

Escalante2.5, which can handle it from jogging to speed practice to some extent, but compared to Escalante Racer, I think that Escaran Terracer can speed up comfortably in terms of speed and ventilation.
Escalante2.5 has a simple design, so it will perform stably and high performance as a running shoe.

Weight: 253g (27.5cm actual measurement)
Stack height: 24mm
Upper: Engineering knit
Midsole: Altra ego


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