NORRONA Norona Folketin Alpha 120 Zip Food Men


It is his innovative hooded jacket that is useful with various activities that adopt the Polartec®Alpha®120. Originally, the Polartec® Alpha®, which was originally developed as a batting material, has been omitted as a fleece that has ultra -lightweight and breathability as a fleece that has been eliminated. Polartec® Power Grid, which is highly elastic, is applied to the armpit under the shoulder and under the arm, and does not hinder the movement of the user. This stuffy insulation will play a role in reducing the luggage of changing to a long trip.

・ Material
63% RecycleD POLYESTER / 37% Polyester 49% RecycleD POLYESTER / 48% Polyester / 3% Elastane
・ Weight
[MEN L size standard] 280 g


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