Aggressive Design

Aggressive Design Waterproof Cleansing Oil 200ml (Cleansing)

Softly moist one -step cleansing Aggressive design sunscreen For "Top Athlete Sun Protect Fighter" Cleansing oil ・ Quickly adapt to the skin and remove dirt in the back of the pores. ・ Can be used even if the hands, face, and body are wet ・ Supports skin barrier functions ~ Moisturizing ingredients -Contains hyaluronicate Na ・ Colored 。 Also for makeup removal Aggressive design sampletect series Developing the top share in car engine oil etc. Wako's Chemical, which manufactures "WAKO'S", has its own oil technology I made a sunscreen for athletes using full use. In response to sunburn that causes performance to reduce performance, we have a unique “skin -up” idea of ​​“improving skin protection functions, reducing damage and improving physical performance, enhancing both physically and mentally and body”. It is designed. It is strong in sweat and water with its own oil technology Sunscreen that does not need to be repainted That is the aggressive design sampletect series

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