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Aggressive Design Top Athlete Aroma Screen Talos

Insect * 1 disliked lemon eucalyptus leaf oil (eucalyptus Citriodora) air freshener Prevents insects from being bitten from the top of clothes DEET (DEET) It can be used for children * 2 without blending Depending on the situation you use, if it does not flow with sweat or water, the effect lasts for about 8 hours. If it flows with sweat or water, spray it again. Recommended for hot summer months with a smooth and cool effect Can be used in combination with other repellents It is also possible to apply it during exercise A compact spray bottle that is convenient to carry ・ If you push 1 and push 1, you can apply it to the range of about 7cm in diameter. ・ 2-4 pushes for those used around the wrist and ankle, such as sleeves, socks, and wristbands. ・ 4 to 5 pushes are a guide for hats and neck guards. (This product uses lemon eucalyptus leaf oil that does not limit the age of use, but if you are sensitive to alcohol, please avoid using it. Also, when using it for clothing, wear it after the alcohol smell is gone. please give me) Contents: 30mℓ (300 pushes or more can be used) \ 1,760 (tax included)/Book * 1) Unpleasant pests such as yusulica * 2) For small children, use under the guidance and supervision of parents. Precautions for use Do not spray or suck directly to the skin, do not get into your eyes Because it contains alcohol, those who are sensitive should avoid using it Use for small children under the guidance supervision of parents Depending on the type of clothing and staining, it may discolor Ventilate enough to use in a small space such as inside the car Pay attention to storage places, such as preventing children and dementia accidental ingestion, in direct sunlight, and avoiding places that are 40 ° C or higher. No fires

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