OS1ST is a supporter used to suppress the movement so that it does not overly burde not to prevent recurrence, not acute phase. Unlike fixing braces that fix it during the acute phase, it is difficult to stabbit, easy to move, convenient to carry. NEXT TO SKIN is classified as a category of supporters, and in the United States, it is a brand that boasts NO1. HV3 is a built-in foot sleeve that incorporates a stabilizer that corrects the outside hallux valgus. Stabilize the midstage by pressing the regularity and spread your fingertips, and separate the fingertips by the stabilizer made of silicon and the unique sewing method. OS1ST HV3 Size S / M: 21 cm to 25cm Size L / XL: 26 cm to 31 cm ※ Because there was no notation for about 25.5 cm, it is better if you like S / M, and it is better to have a slight margin. Please select M / L. Color: Beige's only Memory Memo Memo Memo Memo Memo Memo's Memo's feeling when I wear it and my finger was divided. So I decided to wear it too. There was no lie in the words, and the fingers were separated without being aware of anything. When I was asked to give it to the Yoko of the outside of the ball valgus, he taught me the impression mounted with a unique analysis. First of all, there is nothing Change that occurs in the foot sleeve when mounted Limited to the ground with a relaxed state Feet of unloaded state I think that I usually think that it is usually good, but there is a sense that the finger is firmly divided when it is not particularly weighted. Because compression is not so strong, it was especially good at bedtime. In the case of antorewall valgus, there are many people with the thumb nails face the foot, but it seems that the nails face upward. Please, try it.

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