Drymax Maximum Protection Trail Running Limited Edition Sharman

Ian Sherman Special Edition Socks Ultra running model that combines the strongest protection performance and comfort in the series. In long -distance running such as the ultra marathon, socks are overflowing in socks, and moisture increases friction (stickiness) between socks and skin, and the higher the friction, the higher the risk of inducing beans. To eliminate such obstacles and enjoy running for a long time, the Max Protection Trail Run is a lineup of socks that combine much higher protection performance and comfort than other series. It is ideal for running in winter because it uses more harsh situations, long -chick races and thick materials. Altra ambassador Ian Shaman / Ian Sherman 100 miles, trail race world record 12 hours 44 minutes (Rocky Racoon 100) record holder 2016 results ・ August Red Building 100 Mile Race championship ・ February Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile Race championship 【size】 S: 22-24 cm M: 24.5-26.5 cm L: 27-28.5 cm

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