STRIDE Stride Addict


 top These soft, lightweight, comfortable leather shoes are handmade in "Nara Prefecture", which is rich in Japanese history, using carefully selected Japanese cowhide. These shoes have a "zero-drop" structure that does not burden the wearer even after long hours of wear or continuous walking, and provide high performance even during daytime work and keep one's posture in check. The inside is lined with a high-quality, high-strength natural material, "merino wool" liner, which feels good against the skin and is designed to be odor-resistant. The forefoot upper is made of thin pig tanned leather, which is resistant to slipping when taking them on and off, and is comfortable and allows moisture inside the shoes to drain out. The outsole uses the "Moa Flex sole" of the "Vibram" company, which provides a secure grip even on wet tiles and other surfaces that are easy to slip on in the rain with leather shoes. Stride ADDICT shoes are comfortable leather shoes that you can wear all day long with their easy walking "Zero Drop" and stress-free "Foot Shape Design".


The manufacturing process of ADDICT was interviewed.
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The models currently available on our online site are models that were remanufactured after February 1, 2023, and have a thinner insole than before, so their sizes are different and about 3mm larger.
Some sizes of previous models are still in stock, so please contact us if you would like to order them.
For inquiries, please contact:

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