Ultra -lightweight micro clampon.
21 Lightweight and compact models with a chain on the claws and increased grip and durability.
It is heavier than Trail, but has a large number of nails, and provides a more stable grip including a chain.

In addition, by collecting nails in the center, it is difficult to hook nails on the hem of the pants even during intense movements.
It is suitable for a mountain line that is woven with a speedy hike and a light orchid, and a general hiking.
In Europe and North America, the most useful models in ultra racing and traying.

・ Running/hiking model
・ Nail length about 8mm 21 claws (steel)
・ Microstainless chain (thinner than Nordic)
・ Silicone rubber (available up to -60 ° C)
・ Weight actual measurement: 260g (L -dimensional foot)
Case weight 70g

Think of the size and below the size of trail running shoes, etc. for mountain climbing shoes, etc.
M 290g EUR35-39 USA3.5-7
L 320g EUR40-43 USA7.5-9.5
XL 330G EUR44-48 USA10-13 

Measure the foot length and foot circumference and check the adaptation size.

- L/foot length: Shoes length measured by the sole
- C/foot circumference: Around 1/4 shoes from the top


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