COROS PACE 2 NYLON BAND Caros Pace 2 Nylon Band


The completely new sports watch "COROS PACE 2", which has never been seen before, is only 29 g of the lightest in the world. By reducing the weight of the equipment, the stress during intense exercise is reduced, and the race and the game can be concentrated more.

Evolved digital dial

You can check important information without stress during competitions that compete for 1 second. COROS PACE 2 has evolved from conventional 4 -button design to digital dial. Even during intense racing, quick and accurate operation is possible with one finger.

Operating time without compromise

Pace 2 succeeded in using the latest high -density batteries, optimizing the consumption by system function, and maintaining non -standard operating time using a smaller battery. The 30 -hour high -precision GPS operating time can meet the demands of operating hours in most sports.

20 days of daily use

COROS PACE 2 can be operated for 20 days if it is used everyday. It can provide daily functions such as 24 -hour heart rate measurement, daily activities, sleep measurement, and message notification.

Normal night mode that is gentle on the eyes

When the night mode is turned on, the soft backlight always lights up. There is no need for lighting operations in the night run, so you can check the data at any time.

Of course, compatible with exercise on the water

COROS PACE 2 has a 50 -meter waterproof function, can perform various exercises on the water while wearing a watch, and can satisfy various training demands.

You can choose a watch band

The high -strength silicon band with excellent wear resistance and tensile strength is reduced with fine air holes and improves quick drying. A lightweight and outstanding fabric band that uses silver nano -particle antibacterial technology has excellent breathability and comfort and is ideal for high -strength training.

Abundant trainer
King mode

COROS PACE 2 offers a wealth of training mode. In addition to running, it provides accurate exercise data in all directions, such as cycling, swimming, and strength training, and is useful for more scientific training.

Your dedicated personal trainer

100 different training items are built -in, creating training items freely, and measuring various exercise data during training.

Muscle heat map

By creating muscle heat maps after strength training, and clearly displaying the training effects of the muscles, a reasonable training item can be planned, and the muscles of the whole body can be trained in a well -balanced manner.

Optimize heart rate calculation with various exercises

Based on the characteristics that the heart rate changes by exercise, the calculation method is optimized, and the interference with the heart rate data for each exercise is effectively filtered to provide accurate heart rate data in various exercises.

In the track run mode, the number of laps is more accurate

The data is optimized for truck training, and the distance calculation error from the standard truck, 400 meters per lap, is only a few meters, and the lap timing is almost synchronized with the stopwatch. Great significant improvements to serious runners training with high demands for data accuracy.

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