Xeroshoes Mesa Trail Mens (Zero Shoes Messer Trail Men)


Walking the trail comfortably for a long time, the fun of a running bear foot

I think Bearefoot shoes are the first axis of "do not hinder the original movement of the foot".
Among them, the minimum functions were added,For trails based on "Prio", a representative work of Xeroshoes"Mesat Trail" that appeared. TERRA Flex can also be used for long -distance hiking, while Mesa Trail has reduced shoes protection more than prio for trail running in consideration of speed. Therefore, the design looks simple.

Although it is a bare foot shoes, the midsole's Trailfoam ™ is necessary cushioning, so it relieves shock and provides comfort.
Bear foot shoesThe trail that should be used to walking is a series of new discoveries when walking with zero shoes. You can walk with a fresh feeling, such as a small gap, a change in the slope, and a difference in grip due to the moist road.

About the size ....
It is recommended that you choose a display size 1cm larger than the actual dimension of your feet. Since there is no discarded dimension, the shoes are almost the same as the size.
(If the shoes are M10 (28cm), the insole is almost 28cm)
For example, if the actual size of the foot is 27cm, choosing 28cm (US10) for the shoes will allow your toes to afford.

・ Removable 2mm insole
Sole thickness: 8.5mm (base 5mm+rug 3.5mm)
・ Weight (one foot) / 215g (27.0cm)
・ Size (men's) / m7.0 (25.0cm) to M11 (29.0cm) 0.5cm chopped

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