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WS TB JACKET (Women's)

Flagship that has gained reliability with the same concept since the establishment of Teton Bros. NEOSHELL, which uses a saplex nylon for the base and a knit backer for lining, has improved the durability of the environment and materials in the clothing without impairing the biggest feature. The size from the armholes to the cuffs updated in the 19-20FW season has been further enhanced by fine-tuning. By increasing the capacity of the mesh pocket inside the wear, the storage of goggles is also improved. Armhole Armhole shape and size updated in the 19-20FW season. The fabric has no extra feeling of excess, and a wider movable area has been realized. Mesh pocket Similarly, improvement points for the 19-20FW season. Increase the capacity of the inner mesh pocket and improve the storage capacity. Gloves and goggles fit without difficulty. Texture Polartec Neoshell, which is completely waterproof and has excellent breathability. Supplex NYLON 100%with excellent durability in the outer fabric. The combination of Teton Bros. original knit backers realizes a tough nylon with a 100 -denier nylon, but a outstanding flexibility. Cohaesive & Eyelet Stopper The cohaesive code stopper can be adjusted with one hand and is built into the dough, so it has a better impact resistance than an external stopper. Eyelet Stopper, which has a low uneven shape, is extremely rare to be unusable due to damage. It can be adjusted by minimal operation. Cuff structure The large opening cuffs have no stress when putting the gloves inside, and the over -wrapping specifications that fasten the widespread bottom fit well on the wrist and completely block cool air. It does not slip when you wear over gloves. Ventilation The ventilation, which opens the front from the chest to the waist, is a unique design that exerts the maximum ventilation effect. Opening the zipper will quickly take in cold air and cool down the wear effectively. The zipper position is easy to access the TB PANT vib pocket without interfering with the backpack. Water stopping Bislon Center Fathner The front zipper failure in the snowy mountains can be a serious problem. The center is used in the center that can be opened and closed even if the teeth are slightly damaged or missing, and is resistant to freezing. Prepare for the risks in the backcountry. Color: Olive / Orange Fabric: Polartec Neoshell Suppplex NYLON Weight: 575g (size m)

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