Ultraspire Fitted Race Belt

ULTRASPIRE FITTED RACE BELT Ultra Spire Fited Lace Belt Why don't you spend the running time more comfortably using a lace belt that realizes that you can forget that you wear it with a lightweight and outstanding storage capacity? Best fit The cone -shaped design with a slightly thinner upper part adheres firmly around the waist, and realizes the best fit by stitching that does not disturb the body movement. It has a large sleeve that can be stored on smartphones and soft flasks, and is a race vest that can be used for everyday exercise to racing. Multifunctional One zipper pocket is adopted, and keys, wallets, smartphones, etc. can be stored without the risk of dropping it during action.(If the staff's large iPhone XR [height about 151mm x width about 76mm], it could be stored without a cover.) ・ Because it uses stretch mesh fabric, it does not get stuffy during exercise, and does not hinder movement without blurring because it fits along the contents. ・ With a loop that can hold a thin jacket externally. The number of pockets is 5 in total ・ 3 pockets of the pre -view ・ Wide pocket x 1 that is easy to access ・ Security pocket with zipper x 1 S size actual measurement: 67g M size actual measurement: 74g * Example of wearing male staff with 78cm waist Just fit is OK in S size. I don't feel tight. Because it is very tight, you can wear it even in M ​​size.

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