Ultraspire Ultra Spy Lumen 850 DUO


LUMEN 850 Duo is versatile, high lumen output and a wide range of functions. Equipped with ULTRASPIRE 3D Lighting®, it removes shadows on uneven road surfaces and can make the terrain better.

Lumen 850 duo comes with a strap that can be used as a headlamp. Equipped with the five normal modes of Extra High, High, Medium, Low, and Extra Row, and two red light modes, high and low, can be completely controlled.With a large power button, you can switch the setting intuitively. In addition, when the battery indicator light is installed, it shines in green, gold, and red, indicating a power level. You can adjust the bracket up and down to make it your favorite lighting angle.

The belt uses an ergotic west design that fits the body. One Ultraspire rechargeable 18650 battery is included and has a USB Type-C charging port, so it can be charged very quickly. Includes USB Type-C charging cable.

Irradiation time: 4-8H
Weight: 108g
size:66cm to 96cm

● Large power button
It is easy to operate even in extreme situations or tired. Press the button to switch the four modes of the lamp.

● Wide beam
It is lighting like daylight. You can move your eyes freely without adjusting the light and dark area. Uniform lighting eliminates headaches and stenosis in the field of view.

● USB-C charging port
There is a charging port when you turn the person with an indicator light, and the lamp glows red while the battery is charged, and it becomes green when charging is completed.

● Battery port
Loosen the waterproof cap and add or remove the battery.
Be sure to make sure that there is a rubber packing.
Be sure to insert from the + side with a projection.

● Perfect angle adjustment
Easy to adjust the upward, horizontal, or downward, keep your head and body in a natural running posture while illuminating the pass according to the terrain.

● Includes head band
A band is included so that it can be replaced with headlights.

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