ULTRASPIRE LUMEN600 3.0 (Ultra Spy Lumen 600 3.0)


The upgraded LUMEN 600 3.0 uses Ultraspire 3D Lighting to express the unevenness of the road surface three -dimensionally. There is a remove pocket on the back. It is possible to add pockets to carry essentials such as mobile phones and foods, or remove pockets to use simpler usage. A conical belt with elasticity allows more comfortable and natural breathing. It has been reduced by nearly 30 % from the previous LUMEN600, and the price has become easier.

The specifications are as follows
■ Size: 66cm to 96cm
■ Weight: 198g
■ Battery: Lithium battery 18650 1 is used
Compatible battery with Red Lenzer NEO10R, MH10, etc.
■ Characteristics
・ Super wide angle and surprising brightness
・ The illuminance that does not fall because it is an electronically controlled battery
・ Durable aircraft aluminum
・ Removable sweat proof pocket
With a removable pocket
・ High visibility reflector
・ Adjustable up and down ・ Low, medium, high, flashing mode
・ Micro USB charging port (included with charging cable)
・ Ventilation mesh
・ White light 5-20 hours of combustion time
・ Battery 18650 3.7V × 1 attached
・ Waterproof performance IPX7 [

Lumen 600 3.0 that can be understood in 46 seconds] [English description of English version]

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