ULTRASPIRE LUMEN CLIP 180 (Ultra Spy Lumen Clip 180)


Magnet -type cliplight that provides a certain field of view with a wide beam

The body is lightweight, the main body is small, and it is very good for carrying and storage, and has sufficient specifications on road running at night and downhill from dark satoyama. The built -in battery is a USB rechargeable type. Since it can be attached to various places with magnet type, it is used in various other outdoor scenes such as camping and fishing. IPX4. 51g. High, medium, low, blinking.

● Soft silicone body
● Lightweight design
● Micro USB rechargeable battery
● Powerful magnet attachment
● Word beam
● Irradiation time HI: 180 lumen, 1.5h Mid: 100 lumen, 3h Low: 500 Lumen, 8H
● IPX4
* Depending on your browser and your monitor environment, the color of the actual product may differ slightly. The design and specifications of the product details may be changed without notice. Please note.

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