ULTRASPIRE LUMEN 800 (Ultra Spy Lumen 800)


Lumen 800 Ultra West Light offers the ultimate Ultraspire 3D Lighting. LUMEN 800 Ultra has a continuous lighting and blinking light of 800,500,200 games. The 18650 battery is stored and the battery life is doubled. It also comes with an extension code for removing the battery pack from the waist and putting it in a pack.

The specifications are as follows
■ Size: 66cm to 96cm
■ Weight: 164g
■ Battery: Lithium battery 18650 2 used
Compatible battery with Red Lenzer NEO10R, MH10, etc.
■ Features ・ Super wide angle and surprising brightness
・ The illuminance that does not fall because it is an electronically controlled battery
・ Removable power cord
・ Removable battery pack
・ Precision adjustment strap
・ Durable aircraft aluminum
・ Removable sweat proof pocket
・ High visibility reflector ・ Low, medium, high, blinking mode
・ 5.5 to 15 hours of combustion time, flashing: 20 hours of combustion time
・ Battery 18650 3.7V × 2 attached
・ Waterproof performance IPX6

[Lumen 800 that can be understood in 59 seconds] [Description in ISPO AWARD (English)]


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