Ultraspire EPIC XT 2.0 (Ultra Spire Eppiku EX Ti 2.0)


Epic XT 2.0 is a 30L model with a 5l larger capacity of the Epic XT model. It is assumed to be a long-term to several days of self-support activities, and is made of durable fabrics. The part that corresponds to the back is useful for dispersing moisture such as sweat and dispersing moisture such as sweat. A removable frame is attached. In addition to putting in the pack, stability can be increased and the load capacity can be increased. one size.

Capacity: 30L
Weight: 737 g of body 737g
Dimensions: 58x28x15 cm

● Universal fit
● Sweatproof webbing
● Quick access pocket
● XT fabric with stronger than lipstop fiber
● Small footprint design with excellent cooling property
● XT mesh to evaporate from the body
● Thermal insulation bladder compartment
● MAX 02 XT Starnam

Human body is very complicated and functionally created. In our pack design, biomechanics are dropped, enabling accurate operation, load distribution, and never interfere with human movement.

·shoulder strap
Human shoulders are not straight. Pack shoulder straps can not be fitted straight straight in the same way. Our pack straps are designed to come around the shoulders and neck along the natural curve of the body. Harness does not prevent movements that fit and run along the S-shaped curve around the arm and the chest.

· Weight distribution
Harness structure can be balanced without being influenced by the capacity of luggage in the pack, and it always provides the best fit. The load is at a low position close to the waist, which is the center of gravity of the body, and this arrangement runs to reduce unnecessary energy consumption when running long distance.


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