Ultraspire Ultra Spire Bronco


The lightest lace vest with a minimum

UltraspireCollaboration ratio with Jeff Browning, athlete and top -notch ultra runner I was born.

5Letter capacity7 With a pocket 2L C It is a Zack compatible with IDration and soft flask. Front har To Ness,4 Used a waist touch mesh 4 Cutting a pocket We are equipped. Patent application MAXO2 Form closure is You can fix the contents of the k and match the shape of the body with a single pull. Large -capacity side pockets called saddle bags quickly take luggage It is now available, and the opening and closing part is for rubber to stabilize the contents. It is like. The main back compartment is in an empty state It is designed to be flat. me too 4 Waste Retche Shu is adopted to support large capacity.

For the back panel Ultracool. Light MeshAdopts and eliminates the discomfort when putting luggage. other Ultraspire Like Zack, this Bronco Race Vest Is another Ur Like the trass pire pack, Ergofit TM The design is adopted It can be used comfortably for a long time.

Weight: 159g
Capacity: 5L
Size development: S / M / L


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