Ultraspire Alpha 5.0 (Ultra Spire Alpha 5.0)


Alpha 5.0 has made new functional changes, focusing on the strengths of past designs. The new code lock of nine pockets and pole attachments that can be accessed while carrying the back enables simpler access. The pocket on the back side has updated the magnet position, can store larger items, and has been changed to nylon polyurethane coating fabric, so that the contents are not wet. The mesh of the entire body has been updated to Ultracool Light Mesh to achieve a more breathable Zack. The size is 2 sizes.

● “MAX O2 Stanam Strap ™”: The hook -type attachment system keeps the reaction to the running in an optimal range to make it easier to attach and detach.
● "Magnon Electrolyte Pocket ™" at the top of the shoulder strap can quickly take out electrolytes tablets and tablets.
● Pole attachment
● Side pocket & layer pocket.
● Large pocket on the back magnet.

The human body is very complicated and functionally created. The design of our packs has a bio mechanics dropped, enabling accurate movements and load distribution, and never hindering the movement of the human body.

·shoulder strap
The human shoulders are not straight. The shoulder strap in the pack does not fit properly straight. Our pack straps are designed to come along the shoulders and neck along the natural curve of the body. Harness does not hinder the movement of running along the S -shaped curve around the arms and chest.

・ Weight allocation
The harness structure can balance the luggage in the pack without being affected by the capacity of the pack, and always provides the best fit. The load is located in a low back, near the waist, which is the center of gravity of the body, and this arrangement can help reduce unnecessary energy consumption when running long distances and leads to the efficiency of running economics.

● Size development / (S) 90cm to 95cm, (M) 100cm to 105cm * Estimated chest.
Capacity: 6LWeight: 272g


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