Ultimate Direction FastPack 30 Mens (Ultimate Direction Fast Pack 30 Men)


Make a long time action comfortable,"Fast Pack 30" with enough capacity of 30 liters

Ultimate Direction makes use of the know-how cultivated by the development of running vests for many years to realize the best comfortable fit and disperse the weight carrying the weight.

New back panel adopted by this upgrade"Infiknit+ FastFlow "realizes a comfortable and comfortable backpiece. And, the roll top shape with large luggage enters the side with "full side zipper" as it is, allowing the luggage extraction to be performed comfortably.


· Great front storage installed in the chest strap can store all equipment such as drinks, smartphones, maps, sunglasses, and supplemented food. You can retrieve without lowering the pack.

· We can change the size according to capacity because we use roll top expression. Because this renewal was full side zippers on the side, it is now possible to access luggage in quickly quickly.

· The back panel on the back panel has a soft cushion with a soft cushion without feeling the impact from the luggage inside.Infiknit+ Fastflow new adoption.It is three-dimensional and breathable and comfortable for long time behavior.(Panel is removedPossible)

· West belt with (removable)

· With attachment for trekking pole

· Easy access pocket with Kycrip in internal pocket

· Large external stretch mesh pocket that enables quick access

· Two big side pockets that can store large water bottles




48.3 cm
beside 27.9 cm
width 18.7 cm
weight 690 g
Size chart
2 Size: SM / MD (66-99 cm), MD / LG (91.5-122 cm)
Back length

The biggest bone (semi-cervical vertebrae) of the head behind the neckLength to place to connect horizontally
SM / MD (43 cm), MD / LG (47 cm)

Cloth 100% POLYESTER


Only 2 pieces in stock!

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