Trail Butter

Trail butter

Trail Butter Low -sugar, all -human, lightweight, high calorory 128g = 760kcal A lipid -based supplement with coconut oil, which contains a lot of nuts and medium -chain fatty acids. Lipids can replenish more energy with a small amount of energy (lipids 9 kcal/g, 4 kcal/g) of energy than carbohydrates. The taste is like a peanut butter with a little texture, and I think it is easy to eat without being too sweet. In addition to eating it as it is, you can use it for bread and cooking. Recommended for various activities such as toleran, fast packing, and trekking. Trail butter becomes stiff at low temperatures below 15-10 ° C, making it difficult to squeeze. This is due to the hardening of the coconut oil in the raw material (coconut oil has a melting point of 25 ° C, and when it is less than this, the transparent liquid stiffens cloudy). However, if you warm it, it will be softer and there is no problem with the quality. When the outside temperature is low, put it in the base layer pocket or put it in the waist pouch so that the body temperature is transmitted. Even if you get a little bit harder, it will be soft if you warm it up with your palm. In addition, coconut oil is separated and floats on the top of the package at the high temperature, but there is no problem with the quality. Before opening, mix the contents well before enjoying.
Trail Butter:

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