TIMP2 / M (Timp 2 men)

In 2019, TIMP1.5, which was overwhelmingly supported by UTMF, was upgraded. TIMP has been a light and high cushioning material called "EVA", but Timp2 has been changed to Altra's unique midsole that combines "Quantic ™ ️" cushioning and high rebellion. (Also adopted in SUPERIOR4) The outsole has been changed from Dura Tred to a sticky and high grip performance Mac struck (used in Lone Peak). The design has been completely renewed, rounded according to the shape of the heel, the outsole (sole sole) pattern is shallow, and the center of gravity can be moved supple in the forward direction. These changes can be obtained not only for cushioning but also elastic against the ground, and of course they can be used for technical trails, but have been reborn as shoes specializing in running. Because the grip of the grip called the rug is shallow, it is amazingly easy to run. The manager of the store manager If you are a trail beginner and say "from now on", you can wear it with confidence, and it can be recommended for hikers who walk slowly. If you talk to those who are intermediate or higher, if you can wear Japanese long trails and put them out with other trail shoes, it seems to be particularly good for running courses. Recommended for runners aiming for UTMF, Ontake 100, Shin -Etsu Gotake, KOUMI100. Stack height: 29mm Weight: 302g (actual measured with MUS9.5 27.5cm) Outsole: MAXTRAC Midsole: Quantic

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