Tifosi Swank Fototec


The rider features a nice dimming lens model, a lens with a magnifying mirror, and a blue light cut! !

Good news for those who think that it is inconvenient when you want to check your cycle computer while riding! This model has an advanced lens set, and gradually switches to a magnifying mirror down the lens, so it is characterized by the fact that the magnifying mirror part is completely unknown from the outside. The style is up to the appearance with the Wellington frame that can be used for everyday use!

[Tifosi Glide Technology]
A small amount of rubber is added to the paint inside the temple, and it is difficult to slip even without a noticeable rubber piece that stands out, and it stabilizes during running and riding. In addition, the removal is smooth, and the hair is comfortable without pulling the hair.

[Phototech mechanism]
Under the bright sunlight, the small light color particles embedded in the lens react to ultraviolet rays, and the eyes are darkened to reduce their eyes. When it becomes cloudy, the light -developed particles return to their original position and transmit more light to ensure clear view. It is a convenient one that can be used with one of the camp touring. +1.5 (magnification of about 1.4 times)


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