THERAGUN ELITE is a smart percassive training device with sound insulation in the series history. THERAGUNELITE aims to improve muscle endurance and performance by enabling high -percassive approaches to stimulate deep muscles with advanced percussive approaches. In addition, startup to waring up before workout. This model is equipped with a unique QX65 motor equipped with QuietForchnology ™, creating 75 % less noise than the previous generation. While providing up to about 18 kg of pressure, it does not feel any stall. Elite with a amplitude of 16mm can be provided deeper and more to 40 times per second. Theragun Elite continues to provide athletes with highly reliable performance, ease of use, and versatility. Features of T H E R AG U N ELITE Patent Theragun Triangle Control the specific gravity of the device depending on the design/handle position based on ergonomics ● By default settings, 5 steps can be selected speed setting (1750/1900/2100/2200/2400) ● OLED screen-Display current speed and force meter ● 5 kinds of proprietary form attachments The percassive approach of the Theragun Elite (Cergan Elite) uses the THERABODY app to create more benefits. You can operate while customizing from the device via Bluetooth. ・ Protection carrying case ・ Lithium -ion battery charger ・ 5 types of attachments Device specification [Parka training device for professional grade manufactured by THERABODY] QX150 motor equipped with Quietforce technology Weight: 2.2 pounds/ 1 kilogram) Dimensions: 9.5 inch x6.7 inch x2.8 inches (24cm x 17cm x 7.4cm) Swing: 16mm App integration with Bluetooth OLED screen 5 -stage speed and application control custom speed by default (1750-2400 percussion per minute) Built -in battery life: 120 minutes Color: Black/White

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