The Milestone Daybreak Mellino T-shirt


This is a motivation for the original T-Shirt series, which was made from every inch to pursue the texture, pattern and stitching.

1) Merinoule(120g/m2)it is possible to feel coolness when it is cold due to the temperature adjustment function of the temperature and the advantages of its distinctive soft texture and odor that can be used throughout the year from all outreach to use throughout the year by spinning the nylon yarn that is resistant to wear and tore

2) Design the original patterns that can be used in fast-packing or treelining scenes in order to avoid the back of the back when you're acting or not to leave your back when you're on the back of the zack, or you can use a fast packing or a tray running scene to make sure you do not wear a stitch on your back.

3) Make more comfortable use of the texture by sewing through the use of a flattened mysin to the part of the skin that is concerned with the skin.


Materials:Merinoule79%, polyester21

Size Table

Katahabin 38 41 44 46
hood and hood 46 49 52 55
kimono (BC) 62 66 69 72
Odetake 18 21 23 24

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