Teton Bros.

Teton Bros. Teaton Broth Tsurugi Jacket Unisex


Minimal jacket with high reputation in the world field

Since its appearance, TSURUGI, which has been highly evaluated in fields around the world, has gained the best material and has improved specifications. Adopt "Täsmä", a 50D stretch neelon that is lighter than the flagship TB Jacket. It is a first place with excellent balancers with lightweight, elasticity, and durability.

The minimal part and reasonable cutings have gained popularity with a variety of winter activities, with a high degree of freedom. The double zip ventilation system that inherits the TB Jacket Angle eliminates the difficulty of putting on the pullover peculiar. It is a representative work that forms Teton Bros. concept that has all its features.


Ensuring range of motion
Construction that realizes ideal fit and range of motion with minimal cutting. Assuming the movement of the shoulder in ice climbing, the range of motion is maximized.

The double zip ventilation that opens a large open from the neck to the flank that inherited the angle of the TB Jacket has eliminated the difficulty of putting on pullover and has a great ventilation effect.

Chest pocket
In addition to the large capacity pocket on the abdomen, a zippered inner pocket is equipped inside the left chest of the ventilation. Convenient for storage of accessories that you do not want to drop.


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