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Teton Bros. Teton Bros. Accio Light Non-Sleeve Men's


Non-sleeve with specialized AXIO features

To cope with sudden changes in exercise intensity and temperature, the torso-only garment can be used for almost any activity, depending on the layering.

Bishu - Bishu is a brand of .......
Ichinomiya City in Aichi Prefecture is world famous for wool processing and development, and is known worldwide by the name "Bishu (Bishu)", which represents the whole area of Owari Country. From yarn production to commercialization, all processes are carried out in the area of Bishu, and the materials are made in Japan with the development cooperation of each factory in each process.

The MOB series will featureAXIOa hybrid wool material called "AXIO". Polyester threads are embedded in a spiral shape inside a single wool thread, which supports water absorbency and absorbs sweat before diffusing it to the surrounding area, thus speeding up the thirst of absorbed water. Of course, there are of course yarns combining wool and polyester materials in conventional products, but because polyester is wrapped around the outside of wool, it inevitably creates unevenness.

HoweverAXIO, however, has polyester fibers that are not exposed on the surface but run inside the diameter in a spiral shape, resulting in a smooth surface with no unevenness on the yarn's surface, making it comfortable to wear and showing amazing strength against pilling. The feel is so smooth that it drapes on the skin, and the pattern uses raglan sleeves, making it easy to move the shoulders and arms, making it an easy piece to use for climbing and running.

The natural fiber wool hasThe fabric is made of wool, a natural fiber, which has "deodorant properties," "anti-bacterial properties," "temperature control," and "comfort.Once you put it on, you will want to use it for everything from running and mountain climbing to your everyday base layer.


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