Teton Bros.

Teton Bros. Wind River SL Unisex


Teton Bros. x STRIDE LAB Vol. 2
Original Wind Shell Foodie

STRIDE LAB & Sakaiya Sports Limited Edition
Two new colors have been added due to the popularity of last year's model, and the product is the same as last year's model.
The slim fit size has been adopted to eliminate dragging around the body width and arms for comfortable body movement. In addition, the piping on the sleeves, hem, and hood has been eliminated for a cleaner look. This prevents the hem from sliding up when the wearer bends down.

The logo is a chic mountain lion only design impression. It is less noticeable because of the same color as the wind shell.

In addition to excellent windproofing, water repellency, and lightweight properties, the fine irregularities on the backside of the fabric is adopted as it is "Pertex Quantum Air" that reduces the discomfort of the fabric sticking to the body with sweat to the maximum extent.

It is sure to be active from the summer mountain season.

Front zipper
Double zipper as in the Wind River Hoody by Teton Bros.
It can be opened from the bottom for ventilation.

Thumb Anchor
Thumb anchors prevent outside air from entering.

Clear hood with no piping,Improves fit to the face line and prevents influence from wind. It also gives a clean silhouette to the head.

As with the hood, the piping is eliminated to keep it clean and prevent the hem from sliding up when bending down.

Feel of the material
20D mechanical stretch nylon is used for excellent stretch, water repellency, and wind resistance. The fabric's backside is finely textured so that it does not stick to the skin during perspiration, keeping the garment comfortable to wear.

Packable specification that allows the garment to be stored together in the pocket on the right back. Can be stored in a compact size that does not take up space in a backpack.


Material:Pertex Quantum Air
Weight:100g (Size M)


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