Teton Bros.

Teton Bros. WS RUN PANT WOMENS (for women)


Characterized by knee cutting that does not hinder the movement of walking and running

A lightweight and durable NYLON soft shell added a Dry Action process that can be said to be synonymous with Teton Bros. soft shells. The range of motion required for walking and running has made it possible to make a draping in the shape of the parts without darting.

Relaxing excess stitches is a major advantage in securing, lighter, and friction, and reducing damage. Simple, easy to move, cuts to maximize stress on the movement of the legs and her 9 -minute pants.

Elastic belts with excellent elasticity and inner strings enhance the fit of the waist. Keep shorts on the waist when the amount of exercise rises.

West Pocket & Batak
When wearing a windshell or rain shell, it is set up in a position that hides under the shell to protect the contents of the pocket from rain and wind. Reinforced the tension with Batak.

ROM (knee)
The knee around the knee is a draping that combines parts before and after different lengths. Since excess sewing is not applied, it does not hinder the movement of the knee or hip joint.

A slender silhouette tapered from the knee. It is easy to move without dowel during exercise.

material:Durable Softshell W Dry Action
weight:160g (size m)


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