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Long pants with Dry Action treatment, synonymous with Teton Bros. soft shells

Lightweight, durable Nylon soft shell with Dry Action fabrication, synonymous with Teton Bros. soft shells. The fabric is cut in a three-dimensional shape without darting the range of motion required for walking and running.

The elimination of extra stitching is a major advantage in ensuring stretch, reducing weight, and reducing damage due to friction. These pants are simple, easy to move in, and cut to remove maximum stress from leg movement, with a nine-minute length.

An elastic waistband and inner ties allow for a better fit at the waist. The waist holds the shorts in place even during increased mobility.

Waist pockets & bar tack
Located under the shell when wearing a wind or rain shell to protect the contents of the pockets from rain and wind. Reinforced with bar tacks where tension is applied.

Around the knees, three-dimensional cutting combines front and back parts of different lengths. No extra sewing is applied, so movement of the knee and hip joints is not hindered.

Slim silhouette that tapers from the knees down. This allows for easy movement during exercise without being slouchy.

Material: PolyesterDurable Softshell w Dry Action
Weight160g (Size M)


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