Teton Bros.

Teton Bros. WS AXIO Lite Tee Womens (Tetone Bros Axio Light Tea Women)


This short sleeve can feel the characteristics of AXIO fabric

"Wool" and "Polyester" Combined National Hybrid Wool Using Teton BroS-BROS Released High Quality Merino Wool and Filed Hybrid Materials "MOB (Master Oob State)" Series

◆ What is Bishu-Oshu.
Aichi Prefecture Ichinomiya City is world-class famous for wool processing and development, and is known worldwide in the name of "Bishu (Oshu)", which represents the country of Owari. From the production of yarn to productization, it is done in the area of ​​the Ochail, and the material made with Made in Japan is MOB while receiving the development cooperation of each factory in each process. 

It appears in the MOB seriesAXIO (Axio)Hoody using the hybrid wool material. Wool The yarn of polyester is embedded in a single yarn, supporting water absorption, sucking sweat and spreads around, so it also accelerates water-absorbed water thirst. Conventional products have also had a yarn combining wool and polyester material, but in order to wound polyesters outside of the wool, they can be uneven.

HoweverAxIO does not expose the polyester fiber to the surface and runs the inside of the diameter into a spiral shape, so the surface of the yarn can not be uneven and becomes a smooth surface, and the comfort is a good strength against pilling. I will demonstrate. The skin is smooth as drapes, so it is easy to move the shoulders and arms, as it is easy to move the shoulders and arms, as it is easy to move the shoulders and arms.

AXIO series combining the goodness of denatured fiber materials while making use of the characteristics of "deodorant", "anti-diseased", "temperature control function", "temperature control function" of natural fiber wool Once you have to wear, it is a comfortable one that you want to use, up to running, mountaineering, and usually base layers.

※ This season model has been reviewed.
Sleeve length 2-3 cm, land length 3 to 54 m, width 2-3 cm large, assuming to contract during washing.

· Easy to move raglan sleeve
· You can keep wearing without interrupting behavioral movement.
· Wine Red has appeared as a new color.

Fabric: Wool 53%, POLY 47%
Weight: 90g (SIZE M)
Please note that the weight is to investigate the Company.


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