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Teton Bros. Teton Bros. Wind River Hoodie Men's

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Teton Bros.'s long -selling wind shell fudy

In addition to excellent windproof, water repellency, and lightweight, fine unevenness on the back of the dough maximizes the discomfort that fabric sticks to the body with sweat. It is suitable not only for putting on a fleece in a strong wind as a windshell, but also for heat retention under the chilly weather conditions.

Lightweight, packable, simple and easy -to -move Teton Bros. long -selling with mechanical strailnails. A newly developed double -open zipper has been adopted.

Front zipper
Adopted double zipper from this season. It can be used as a ventilation by opening from below.

Thumb anchor
Prevents outside air invasion with Sam Anchor.

Food shape integrated with the head. By applying stretch material piping to the edge of the hood, the fit to the face line is enhanced, and the effect of the wind is prevented.

A piping that fits the body is added to the hem. Drop tail specification that covers the buttocks.

A 20D mechanical stretch nylon is adopted, and it has excellent stretch, water repellency, and windproof. The fine irregularities on the back of the fabric do not stick to the skin even when sweating, and keeps a comfortable wearing feeling.

Packable specification that can store clothing in the pocket on the right back. Can be stored in compactness that does not take backpack capacity

material:Pertex Quantum Air
weight:100g (size m)


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