Teton Bros.

Teton Bros. Teaton Broth Tsurugi Light Jacket Unisex


Evolved TSURUGI Lite Jacket

Using the evolved ventilation waterproof material "Täsmä" by joint development with Toray, in addition to the function of the garment itself, waterproof and breathability, which is the function of the material required for the shell. In addition to sustainable water repellency, durability and weight reduction are realized.

The next -generation material, which has a sufficient range of motion and a 100 % nylon nylon, has a phenomenal stretching material, enabling the TSURUGI Lite Jacket to be raised into a more perfect technical shell. The lightest "Täsmä" using a 10D knit backer is newly adopted for the lining.

Täsmä material feeling
Uses nylon, which is well -balanced with lightweight and durable, and has excellent stretching. The breathability remains as it is, improving water resistance, durability, and water repellency.

Chest pocket back specification
The large capacity chest pocket has a mesh structure and is also active as a ventilation.

Hem adjuster
The hem width can be adjusted with one action. Prevents the effects of rain and wind.

Call rubber specification that fits your wrist firmly. The weight is also reduced while preventing the invasion of the weather.

Front zipper
By extending the zipper from the neck to the waist, the function as a ventilation and the difficulty of putting on the pullover are difficult to put on and take off. Effective ventilation in the clothing is performed with a double zip ventilation system.

Full seam tape
Seam taping is applied to the back of the seam to maintain waterproofness.

weight:265g (size m)

A lightweight rain jacket that uses a diagonal zipper that can be said to be synonymous with Teaton Bros. The zipper from the neck to the armpits is a double slider and opens from the lower side to efficiently circulate the air in the wear.
The coloring is not so many colors for other brands, and it changes every season, so the color you care about is in size! !


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