Teton Bros.

Teton Bros. Teaton Broth Tsurugi Light Alpine Unisex


Practical detail assuming long -term vertical climbingTSURUGI Lite Jacket

The ultra -light mountain pullover created by the collaboration between the outdoor brand "Tetonbros." And the mountain climbing media "Peaks". The latest ventilation waterproof material "Täsmä" is adopted, and it can act actively while worn all day. It features a practical detail assuming a long -term vertical climbing.

Using the evolved ventilation waterproof material "Täsmä" by joint development with Toray, in addition to the function of the garment itself, waterproof and breathability, which is the function of the material required for the shell. In addition to sustainable water repellency, durability and weight reduction are realized.

Täsmä material feeling
Uses nylon, which is well -balanced with lightweight and durable, and has excellent stretching. The breathability remains as it is, improving water resistance, durability, and water repellency.

Chest pocket back specification
The large capacity chest pocket has a mesh structure and is also active as a ventilation.

Hem adjuster
In the original model, the cord lock of the draw code at the hem is on the right side of the body, but in this work, the position is changed to the front of the body. It can be operated more quickly and intuitively.

It has a large food that blows over the climbing helmet. It has a great effect on rapid weather deterioration and heat retention. You can move your neck firmly even when worn.

Equipped with a large Velcro cuff to prevent rain from entering from the cuff during rainfall. The cuffs are slightly loose, so it is easy to ventilate and rolled up, and there is no stress when using gloves.

Full seam tape
Seam taping is applied to the back of the seam to maintain waterproofness.

weight:275g (size m)

Tsurugi Light Alpine of peaks bespoke model. It is a hybrid model of Tsurugi Jacket and Tsurugi Light. Mix lightweight and technical elements, and are conscious of use in Alpine.


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