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Teton Bros. Wool Air Jacket Men's


Wool high loft and graphene grid mapping

New to the popular WOOL AIR series is a technical jacket designed for superior warmth retention, breathability, and ease of movement. The main body is made of Wool Hi-Loft, which provides excellent warmth and breathability, while Graphene Grid material is placed in areas where stretch and abrasion resistance are required, and the shoulders are reinforced with nylon. This mid-layer has a mapping effect that maximizes the properties of the two materials and an excellent fit.


Hem specifications
A simple hem with piping eliminates dragging when layering without sacrificing fit.

Cuff Specification
Piping on the cuffs conforms to the shape of the hand. Thumb anchors keep the back of the hand warm and prevent uncomfortable sleeves from sliding up when layering.

Left chest pocket and waist pocket.

Collar specification
Collar height to prevent inflow of cold air.

Collar specification
Collar is lined with wool high loft and mapped with graphene grid. It provides excellent fit and warmth retention.

Graphene mapped to Wool High Loft, a more technical mid-layer with excellent fit and warmth retention. Graphene placed in the right places improves the fit and ensures resistance to abrasion. Reinforced nylon shoulder straps protect the garment from chafing from backpack shoulder harnesses.

Ventilation is placed under the armpits for easy ventilation.

High loft, a mix of wool and polyester. Combines the advantages of wool and synthetic fibers, reducing the risk of sweat chill compared to synthetic fiber-only Hi-Loft.

MaterialPolartec Wool Highloft / Graphene Grid
Weight365g (Size M)


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