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Teton Bros.TB Pants Women's


Back country pants that continue to evolve

Like the TB Jacket, the TB PANT has evolved due to the synergistic effect of material, cutting, and functions. In addition to improving the durability and stretching of the fabric, as well as the adoption of the Bislon Fathner, it has become easier to put in and out of gloves by expanding the opening of the thigh pocket. The side ventilation has been extended to the opening, improving ventilation efficiency, and opening and closing during action has become dramatically smooth. The original loop does not make the suspender twisted. The calculated vib pocket is easier to grab and open and close by putting a core in the right Velcro part. Stress -free backcountry pants due to three -dimensional cutting.


Bib shape
Bib is a large zipper pocket and a Velcro pocket that can be opened and closed without worrying about the income cord. The pants connection is offset to prevent cold air from entering.

Bib connection part
By connecting the bib and the pants with an offset shape, it prevents cold air and snow from entering from the connection.

Back mesh material
The back is a mesh material that reduces stuffiness during action. The bib is a full zip and removable, and the side is a stretched fabric.

Far pocket
Set a loop for Abaranti bee cone inside the thigh pocket. The end of the loop is sewn directly into the pants body, dart reinforcement, and its strength is thorough.

Thigh ventilation
Enhance ventilation efficiency by opening and closing the ventilation that opens wide.

Ensuring range of motion
Contraction and gasset shape of inseam that do not hinder the running range of the hip joint at all.

Powder gator
With powder guard for large cuffs such as free ride ski boots and snowboard boots. By hooking a loop with a snap on the hem on a buckle, it also supports narrow upper tour boots.

Phalautical feeling
A new material that has evolved in weight and stretching while improving durability using high -strength nylon. Water resistance has been improved while ensuring the ventilation so far.

Backfall feeling
Adopts a 20D knit backer with excellent moisture absorption and quick -drying properties. Materials that have a flexible texture and high functionality.

Material: täsmä
Weight: 640g (size m)


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