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Teton Bros. Glacier Hoody Men's

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Soft shell jacket evolved with new materials

Update Head Wall Hoody, a soft shell jacket of Teton Bros.. A new soft shell material suitable for fall and winter has been adopted. Although it is a thick and solid fabric feeling, it has excellent stretching properties and does not hinder movement due to the synergistic effect with the draping. The new material "Graphens soft shell" has a far -infrared effect and has excellent thermal conductivity, has a heat retention at low temperatures, and has a cooling effect at high temperatures. It also has deodorant antibacterial properties. It has evolved in materials while continuing the popular silhouette in the 21FW season.


Hood structure
The hood is an adjuster on the back of the head, and the vertical and horizontal fitting can be adjusted with one action.

Back structure
A draping that pursues the ease of movement of the body. In particular, the back is characterized by a cutting that covers the movement of the scapula part with a large volume change.

A high collar is firmly independent to prevent the inflow of cold air.

Ensuring range of motion
Construction that covers the range of motion of the shoulder.

Chest pocket
Chest pocket on the left chest.

Micro tabs that can make delicate fitting are used for the cuffs.

Hem stopper
Adjustable hem stopper.

Adopt Graphene Softshell. Excellent stretchability, also has a far -infrared effect of Graphene, thermal conductivity, and deodorant antibacterial.

Material: Graphene Softshell
Weight: 540g (size m)


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