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Teton Bros. Farallon Shirt Mens


Textured wool shirt for a great day out

In the Rockies, where many of our friends at Teton Bros. live, people wear wool shirts as outerwear for spring skiing. In addition to spring outerwear, this shirt can be used as a mid-layer in the middle of winter, on the way to and from the field, and in après-ski situations.

The material is recycled wool "Menshichi". The wool shirt is made of recycled wool "Keishichi", which is strong and rich in texture thanks to the technology cultivated in "Bishu", a world-renowned production center of wool products. After coming back down from a great day of skiing in the snowy mountains, you can talk about your fun day with a local craft beer in your hand. This is the perfect shirt for such a scene.

Chest pocket

Two chest pockets with different specifications and capacities can be used for different items. 

Front snap closure

The easy-to-remove snaps are inspired by cowboy shirts.

Waist pockets

Large hitchhiking pocket on the left waist that can also hold a beanie. 

Cuff specifications

Cuffs have a simple button closure. Thin fabric is used for neatness.


Menshichi Fabric" is produced using the traditional method of recycled wool in Bishu. 30% synthetic fibers are mixed in to ensure sufficient strength.

Keishichi Label

This label symbolizes the recycled wool efforts being made in Bishu.

Material:70% Wool / 15% Polyester / 10% Acrylic / 5% Nylon
Weight: 470g (Size M)


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