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Teton Bros. TB Jacket Women's

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Flagship jacket adopted by ventilation waterproof material "Täsmä"

A flagship model specializing in backcountry. The basic concept has not changed even after 13 seasons since its appearance, and it has been upgraded every year. The adoption of the breathable waterproof material "Täsmä" has greatly improved specifications and functions. This new material using high -strength nylon has excellent durability and stretching, and balances complete waterproof and breathability. From 21FW, the ventilation and center jipper are changed to bislon type, and the characteristic diagonal ventilation zipper is extended to improve ventilation efficiency. TB JACKET, which has improved specifications, has been born, such as increasing the capacity of the inner mesh pocket and changing the stopper on the hem to Cohaesive.


Hood structure
Hood that can be worn helmets. By placing two types of stopper on the front, it is easy to adjust the vertical and horizontal direction. The release is also one action.

Kohesive Stopper
The fit can be easily adjusted with one touch, and it is covered with the fabric, ensuring the durability against the impact.

Ventilation that opens diagonally from the chest to the flank. Effective ventilation during action is possible, and it is easy to access the bib pocket without opening the front zip.

The cuff shape that wraps the wide cuffs of the opening can pass the sleeves without stress without choosing a glove volume.

Mesh pocket
Large -capacity inner mesh pocket that also contains gloves. It is also useful when storing hike gloves and beanies, or when drying with wet items and drying at body temperature.

Water stopping Bislon
Uses No. 5 bislot jopper, which has excellent durability and operability. It can be used even if the teeth are partially damaged, so it can be used first in case of damage during action, reducing the risk of being exposed to cold.

Ensuring range of motion
TB's unique cutting that secures the range of motion of the shoulder joint. Because there is a range of motion equivalent to the joints, the movement of the shoulders and arms is no -stress, and even if you raise your arm, there is no slipping on the hem.

Front fabric feeling
Using high -strength nylon, we can reduce weight while improving durability. The mechanical stretching consumption is 100%nylon and has sufficient stretch.

Back fabric feeling
Adopts a 20D knit backer with excellent moisture absorption and quick -drying properties. Materials that have a flexible texture and high functionality.

Material: täsmä
weight:535g (size m)


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