Teton Bros.

Teton Bros. Tsurugi Light Jacket Unisex


Evolved Tsurugi Lite Jacket

The jacket uses Täsmä, a breathable waterproof material that has evolved through three years of joint development with Toray Industries. In addition to the functions of the garment itself, the material's functions required for a shell - waterproofness, breathability, and sustained water repellency - have also been improved, making it durable and lightweight.

A cut that allows ample range of motion and a next-generation material that is 100% nylon but has incredible stretch make the Tsurugi Lite Jacket an even more complete technical shell. The new lightest weight Täsmä with 10D knit backer is used for the lining.

Täsmä Material
Made of nylon with a good balance of lightweight and durability, with excellent stretch properties. Improved water resistance, durability, and water repellency while maintaining breathability.

Chest pocket lining
Large-capacity chest pocket has a mesh construction and doubles as ventilation.

Hem adjuster
Adjustable hem width with one action. Protects from rain and wind.

Cuff Specification
Cole elastic specification for a secure fit around the wrist. Prevents wind and rain from entering while also reducing weight.

Front zipper
By extending the zipper from the neck to the waist, it functions as ventilation and eliminates the difficulty of putting on and taking off the garment, which is a drawback of pullovers. The double-zip ventilation system effectively ventilates the inside of the garment.

Full seam tape
Seam taping is applied to the underside of seams to maintain waterproofness.

Weight:265g (Size M)

A lightweight rain jacket with a diagonal zipper that is synonymous with Teton Bros. The zipper from the neck to the underarms is a double slider that can be opened from the underside to efficiently circulate air inside the garment.
The coloring is a shade not seen in other brands, and changes every season, so be sure to get the color you are interested in while it is still available in your size!


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