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Teton Bros. Tsurugi 10th anniversary Wooly Jacket Unisex


Our wooly jacket uses a special sewing machine and sewing method developed in Japan.

This jacket is made of woolette, a material with a warm texture and fluffy feel. The wool-blend double jersey is needle-punched multiple times to create a simple yet high-quality look, as well as being lightweight like felt and featuring high heat retention.

In addition, a special sewing technique originating in Japan called "Twin Plover Seam (TPS)" is used to sew parts with no seam allowance together, resulting in flat seams. The synergistic effect of this special stitching and the three-dimensional and simple cutting of the Tsurugi Jacket allows you to experience stress-free comfort.


The double slider ventilation that opens wide from the neck to the sides symbolizes the Tsurugi Jacket. It serves to improve ventilation efficiency and eliminates the difficulty of putting on and taking off pullovers.


Large zippered pocket on the right side.

TPS sewing

We use a sewing method that uses a special zigzag sewing machine to butt two pieces of fabric together and sew them together. The seams are flat, so when you wear it, there is no seam allowance, making it stress-free and comfortable to wear, as well as giving it a clean surface.


Thick wool blend double jersey with needle punching, 2-way stretch fabric that is light and warm like felt.


Pe70% Wool 30% Double Face

545g (Size M)


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