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Teton Bros Refugee Jacket Men's


Shells with a padded liner that can be relied on in extremely cold weather are back

Due to strong demand from North America, the riding jacket with a cotton liner is back.

The Rocky Mountain region in the Midwestern United States experiences freezing cold temperatures in the winter due to its inland climate. In order to enjoy a comfortable day in these extremely cold snow fields, you can rely on warm clothing with a cotton liner.

The material is a newly introduced 2-layer material that retains the functionality of the next-generation waterproof and breathable Täsmä material. The padding is made of Toray's new 3DeFX+, a lightweight material with high warmth retention. The flexible and comfortable fit does not impair body movement, making it easy to forget that padding has been added. Yet, it will keep you cool even on the exposed peak chairs on the way to the summit.

Outer fabric

Two layers of Täsmä, a next-generation waterproof and breathable material. The fabric is completely waterproof and breathable, effectively ventilating moisture and heat that accumulates in the synthetic fiber padding liner. This season, Täsmä has been functionally updated with a more durable water-repellent finish.

Angle ventilation

The large diagonal ventilation opening from the chest to the sides is the face of the brand, inherited from the TB JACKET. It is easy to operate during activities and allows quick ventilation.

Chest pocket

Large capacity chest pocket.

Upper arm pocket

Upper left arm pocket for IC lift tickets, etc. Zippers are placed slightly inward for easy opening and closing.

Hood Structure

The hood, which is compatible with ski helmets, has cohesive cord stoppers on the front for easy adjustment in both vertical and horizontal directions, and can be released with a single action.

Powder Skirt

The only TB shell equipped with a powder skirt for skiing without a backpack or BC gear. It is also effective in keeping the heat out of the upper body.

Cuff Specification

The cuff shape wraps around the wide-opening cuff, allowing the user to slip the sleeve through with gloves without stress and without choosing the volume of the gloves.


Material:Täsmä / 3DeFX+
Weight:770g (Size M)


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