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Teton Bros. Tensleep Shirt Men's

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A high -performance batting work shirt with rugged work clothes as a hint

It has been reborn as a specification that can be used by cowboys engaged in severe work during the rigorous winter of the Rocky Mountains, and have been used for improved functionality with ropro files.

The outer material is "Prime Flex" with a DWR processed with excellent stretchability. The batting is "Vivo EXTREAM ECO" which has a stretchability. Put batting on the collar and become a stand color with a snap of the collar. West pocket with a bigger breast pocket, snap button specification. The cuffs can be squeezed with snaps. By making the most of the characteristics of Vivo, which ensures breathability with a unique shape and keeps the inside of the cloth in a dry and warm state, you can spend comfortably without changing clothes from powder hunting to chill out.


Phalautical feeling
The shell is made of DWR processed Prime Flex 20D with excellent breathability and stretching.

Vivo EXTREAM ECO 60g, which has excellent heat retention and breathability, is used for batting.

Chest pocket
Pockets with different capacity are left and right on the chest. It can be used properly depending on the items to be stored.

Waist pocket
A pocket with a snap is useful as a hand warmer.

Simple cuffs can be adjusted with snap.

Elbow patch
An elbow patch that protects the material from damage due to friction.

Front snap
The front is a snap fastened. By opening at your favorite position, it functions as a ventilation, and can be worn seamlessly from powder hunt to the city.

Collar specifications
Changed to a specification that enhances the heat retention power by putting the batting "Vivo" on the collar. It also becomes a stand color with a snap of the collar.

material:Prime Flex 4WAY Stretch /Vivo EXTREME INSULATION 60G
weight:360g (size m)


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