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Teton Bros. Teton Bros. PPP Long Sleeve Men's

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Long sleeve of the DRY ACTION series

The main feature of Dry Action is a lightweight material of only 90g per square meter, featuring excellent breathability and a grid structure without a stickiness. This material has the world's highest level of water -repellent DRY ACTION in the PPP series. It has water -repellent and ultra -quick drying that can be called waterproof, and prevents overheating with a synergistic effect with excellent breathability. The ultra -thin grid shape also demonstrates the Dry Action function as a base layer that keeps the body surface dry.

Flat seaming
Flat -seaming that minimizes friction with the skin and minimizes the friction with the skin.

Side panel
A panel shape under the armpit that can raise the arm smoothly.

Lightweight material of 90g per square meter. Excellent breathability and uneven shape minimize the ground contact area with the skin, reducing stickiness when sweating.

Shoulder disconnection
A draping with a lot of fabric around the scapula does not hinder the movement of the shoulder.

It has excellent water repellency and high quick -drying that can hold water drops.

material:Dry Action
weight:105g (size m)


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