Teton Bros.

Teton Bros. MOB Wool Hoody Mens (for men for the eumoy eur, eure, eure, euludi)

The Teton Bros. is the Master of Bishu series of fibers from textiles.

The MOB series has been produced in an environment where the production and production of silk threads are coherently managed in one area, and development cooperation is obtained in each of the same areas, in the Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture, which has the technology for processing and developing uels.The first such Wool series in the MOB series is polypropylene (with a high perspiration) 11 %, and an 18.5 microrun (18.5 microkn) melinoule at the same time as 89 %.

Polypropylene tangent to the skin can quickly spread the water from the skin, spread out to the wool, and the many air layers that are specifically made by Mernoule are warm to the temperature.The skin is very ventilation, and the skin can always keep dry by escaping the skin from the skin quickly.

Based on the same TB Made in Japan-based layer layer "AXIO LITE", air can be stored in the gap in the fibers, making it highly thermability.Shuitsu is a baselayer layer that continues to wear for a long time in the cold weather in autumn and spring.
Even if you sweat in an activity that moves around in extreme cold such as ice scraping, hiking, hiking, skiing, and snowboarding, the warm heart is impressive without stagnating water on top of the skin, without a lack of water.
It is also easy to use as a midlayer on top of a base layer such as the AXIO LITE, and it can also be used as a hot spring and tre-running underwear for spring and autumn mountains, alps and other highlands.

The hodi type is the best way to fit the physical fittest, so as to maximize the performance of the material.
The waist, arms, shoulders, and neck around the neck have been used to make fit for the skin to be sucked up.I don't have any gaps in the cold air.Fitted hoods on the head can also be used as a balaclava.

Fabric Merino Wool 89 %/PP 11 %
Weight 230g (Size M)

TB Men' s Tops Size
(Size/Height, Chest Yukitake)
S 160 ~ 170cm, 84 ~ 92cm, 80cm
M-165: 175cm, 88 to 96cm, 83cm
'L' 170-180cm, 92-100cm, 86cm
XL175 〜185CM 96 〜104cm 89cm

*About the handset
The manufacturer does not use the washing machine, and recommends washing.
As material characteristics, washing machines and so on can be used to shrink.
Use a neutron detergent.


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