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Teton Bros. MOB Wool Hoody Mens (Teton Bros MOB Wool Hoody for men)

 Teton Bros.MOB (Master of Bishu) series

The MOB series was produced in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture, which has one of the world's leading wool processing and development technologies, with an integrated production management in 1 area from spinning of yarn to processing, dyeing, and commercialization, and the development cooperation was obtained in each process.The Wool series, which was the first in the MOB series, is a fabric made of 11% polypropylene (highly effective against perspiration) and 18.5 micron ultra fine merino wool at 89% at the same time.

The polypropylene that comes into contact with the skin quickly moves moisture away from the skin and diffuses it into the wool, while Merino Wool's special layers of air provide excellent heat retention.It is also highly breathable and allows the skin to stay dry by allowing it to quickly miss moisture from the skin.

Compared to Made in Japan base layer "AXIO LITE" of the same TB, I show high heat retention because I can store air in the gap of the fiber.Excellent as a base layer to keep wearing for a long time under the cold environment of autumn & spring.
Even if you sweat during various activities such as ice climbing, hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, snowboarding, etc. that move around in the extreme cold, moisture does not stagnate on your skin, yet the warm comfort is impressive.
It is also easy to use as a mid layer to put on top of the base layer such as AXIO LITE in the warm season, and it is useful as a thermal clothing for spring, Akiyama, alpine highlands, trail running.

The Hoodie type is excellent in draping that fits the body so that the performance of the material can be maximized.
The waist, arms, shoulders, and neck area achieve a fit that sticks to the skin.There is no gap where cold air enters.The hood that fits tightly to the head can also be used as a balaclava.

Fabric Merino Wool 89% / PP 11%
Weight 230g(Size M)

TB Men's Tops Size
(size / height, chest, sleeve and sleeve length)
S 160~170cm ・ 84~92cm-80cm
M 165~175cm ・ 88~96cm・83cm
L 170~180cm-92~100cm-86cm
XL175〜 185CM・96〜 104cm・89cm

※About care
The manufacturer does not use a washing machine and recommends hand washing.
Due to the characteristics of the material, it may shrink when washed with a washing machine, etc.
Please use neutral detergent.


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