Teton Bros.

Teton Bros. ICE PANT MENS (for men)


New free pants that use popular products to move comfortably in cold winds, such as running in cold weather, cross -country skiing."Ice pants"


Polatec "Power Stretch" is used for fleece. It has outstanding stretch and heat retention. In addition, by applying "hard face processing" by silicon to the fleece surface, it has durability, wind resistance, and water repellency.

It surpasses the wind and snow at low temperatures, and realizes comfortable foot handling even in running and hiking.

Cutting is a cutting that follows the shape of the popular pants "RUN PANTS" released this summer to maximize stress, simple, easy to move. It does not hinder movement. The soft fleece fits the shape of the foot, so you can wear it without feeling cold air.

Hard face processing can also prevent friction during layering, so it can be used as inner pants in the hard shell.

"Ice pants" which is useful for running in the cold season

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size S/M/L/XL
material Pola Tech Power Stretch (hard face processing)
weight Actual measurement 290g (size m)



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