Teton Bros.

Teton Bros. Hybrid Down Pant Unisex

Hybrid -down pants that are resistant to moisture and long -term use
Static Warmth (Static heat retention) Category is the most warm down pants. Ideal for activities that emphasize heat retention, such as mountain trips and snow camps in severe winter. Because it can be stored compactly with the included staff bag, it does not take up space in the backpack, and is also suitable as an emergency heat retention and a supplementary warm wear during bedtime. The hem fits the ankle on the front zipper with a silicon tab that is easy to open and close even when using gloves. Hybrid insulation with 1000 fill power down and the synthetic cotton "Thermo Max" minimizes long -term use and loft due to humidity.

(Shell part)
Nylon fabric with smooth and high durability. You can wear it without getting caught when layering in the inner.

(Frequent) 1000FILL & THERMO MAX
The highest combination of "water -repellent processing" that supplements the warmth of the highest peak of 1000 fill power and the weakness of down, and synthetic thermax. Usually, 700 fill power is evaluated as high quality down, but Teton Bros.'s water -repellent down is 1000 fill power and ultra -high quality.

* Phil power is the power to return to the original after applying a certain pressure on the down. High fill power downs are large and expanded with the same weight and contain a lot of air, leading to lighter weight.

Fabric: 12D NYLON/ 1000 Fill & Thermo Max
Weight: 280g (size m)

TB Unisex Bottom Size
(West, hips, inseam)
XS 66-74cm, 82-90cm, 73cm
S 70-78cm, 86-94cm, 74cm
M 74-82cm, 90-98cm, 75cm
L 78-86cm, 94-102cm, 76cm
XL 82 ~ 90cm, 98-106cm, 77cm


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