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Teton Bros. Hybrid Down Hoody Navy Unisex

Down that is embraced by premium warmth in the extreme cold. The warmth is confined by processing around the neck and sleeves and shut down the cold air. A down jacket with a large open pocket and the necessary functions. Loft feeling The 1000 fill power "Water -repellent down" and the MIX of the "Thermo Max" synthetic fiber "THERMO MAX", which have a far -infrared effect, are used for batting. In addition to high heat retention, it maintains heat retention even if it gets wet. Usually, 700 fill power is evaluated as high quality down, but Teton Bros.'s water -repellent down is 1000 fill power. The store manager has purchased and used since last year, but in a nutshell, the loft feeling is "Buff buff". * Phil power is the power to return to the original after applying a certain pressure on the down. High fill power downs are large and expanded with the same weight and contain a lot of air, leading to lighter weight. Around the hood Use sufficient insulation for the hood. Shut out the cold due to the cold along with the neck tube. The gap between the neck is completely filled, so it keeps the warm air and keeps it warm enough. Texture DWR processed 15D lipstop nylon outer material. Big Pocket Large -capacity pocket that opens and closes widely. Cuff shape A cuff shape that fits your wrist firmly. The fit is very high, and it does not miss the warm air inside and completely shuts down the cold air from the outside. Fabric 12d NYLON/ 1000 Fill & Thermo Max Weight: 720g (size m) size We won the Best In the Show Award selected by Gear Patrol at the 2018 Outdoor Retailer Show. "1000 fill power water -repellent down" and synthetic fiber "Thermo Max", which has a far -infrared heat storage effect, is used to inform. It is a product that pursues heat retention and usability in the cold as an over jacket, such as the cuffs that are easy to put on and take off even when wearing gloves, and the pockets that open and close large. The manager of the store manager In a single word, it's down "Facka Faca". Shut down the outside air and keep the air warmed by body temperature heat and do not miss it. It is very useful in the outdoors, but maybe it's too warm to wear in Tokyo? The warmth that I think. It is also convenient when you want to open and close with a large and thick gloves.

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