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Teton BROS. Hoback Prima Over Hoody (Unisex)

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Synthetic fiber cotton over hoody worn from the top of the shell

It is an over -hood designed on the premise of wearing it from the top of the shell during a break during action. With a unique cuff zipper that opens up to the elbow, it can be attached and detached with gloves. Adopted PRIMALOFT THERMO PLUME, which demonstrates performance like natural down. More compact while maintaining heat retention. Utilizing the benefits of moisture and wet, it is formed like down, improving packability while maintaining the loft. The zipper with a zipper is a well -fit inner rib, and various shapes of gloves fit well. Large pockets on both sides increase the heat retention and storage capacity as a hand warmer. The inner mesh pocket is located away from the hem so that it does not touch the snow even during deep snow.


Half Rox Rider
Zipper -equipped sleeves so that you can pass the sleeves by wearing gloves. Half -rook rider adopts that can be locked on the way even if it cannot be completely tightened due to the size of the glove. The cuffs have an inner rib shape that fits the wrist on the face.

The large pocket at the opening is a double slider. When using it as a hand warmer, open from below to warm the warm air without missing the warm air.

Inner pocket
Large capacity inner mesh pocket. It is useful to store wet gloves and dry at body temperature.

It adopts an inner rib shape that fits the wrist on the face instead of a line and shuts out the inflow of cold air.

Hood shape
It has a hood capacity that can be used even when wearing a helmet, and can fit the head and helmet shape with an adjuster.

While maintaining the loft, it is excellent in compactness. It can be wrapped around and folded in the hood.

Lightweight and durable DWR (durable water repellent) 12D lip stop nylon. The quilt interval that maintains heat retention even after storing it compactly.

weight:520g (size m)


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